Villa Reta

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Villa Reta

“Villa Reta” Hotel & SPA Located in a destination famous for its pine groves, curative climates and historical legends,
the Villa Reta Hotel, Grigoleti, on the Black Sea coast offers luxury 4 star accommodation.

Grigoleti is located at coast of Black sea, in a southwest part of Colkhida lowland, there, where under the legend,
the Golden Fleece was stored and lived the fine Medeya.

On the cost line, from Ureki to Grigoleti it represents a wonderful resort zone which becomes
more attractive by it’s really miracle – magnetic sands which has no analogue in the world.
For your stay at Villa Reta you have your choice of highly specialized weekly programs that will help
you confront problems such as stress, weight gain and unsightly physical characteristics with new vigor,
aided by a medical consultation, therapies and targeted treatments as well as a healthy and correct nutritional regime.

There are also many short programs especially geared for guests that have little time available,
but would like to have a "taste" of Villa Reta's philosophy,
to relax and be pampered in an exclusive and charming atmosphere.


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