Formation of the "Cyborg"

Training highlight of a rising Mixed Martial Artist from the Republic of Georgia

Guram Mestvirishvili

Guram Mestvirishili has been raised as a wrestler since the age of 7 as Guram’s father has been a wrestling coach since 1971 and has taught many national teams all over the world, he is currently the chief trainer of the Indian national team in freestyle wrestling. Guram has had 100’s of wrestling matches and started competing in kenpo karate and MMA. His passion for MMA started at the age of 16, he then started having professional MMA fights and won the Georgian championship, he also won the Georgian championship in kenpo karate. Guram is currently in university studying law and training MMA, he took a short break to visit Thailand to train at AKA, and unfortunately he had to leave after 2 months due to a serious hamstring muscle tear. Since then Guram has been rehabbing his injury. Guram is very excited that Tristar gym in Canada has sent an invitation letter for him to join their camp; Guram gladly has accepted training with Tristar. After his therapy is complete Guram will be heading to Canada to continue his MMA career at Tristar. Sherdog Profile: He has had 5 professional fights, however he does not have a profile on Sherdog.

Special thanks to:
Dinamo Arena
Aspria fitness center
Arena sports Complex

Director Gio Ivanishvili
Cameraman Ilia Samurganidi
Light Avto Ordinidze, Guka Kvitashvili
Make Up Lana Lashkhi
Producer Nino Koridze
Photography Zuri Kavtaradze

To be a human means to be a fighter

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